i’m gonna be harsh for a second.

if you don’t like receiving mean anon’s

turn off your anon.


Okay just listen for two seconds

Joseph Smith’s youngest wife was 14. He was 38 when he married her.

The average age of marriage in that time period was 21/22.

So quit with the bullshit “Oh but it was normal for a young girl to marry an older man.” Uhm. No. It wasn’t. You were told that, but it isn’t true.

About to eat until all the sad feelings go away

I haven’t spoken to my birth mother in about a year and a half. But every time she goes around to the rest of my family and starts meddling, I get sick for days. I literally begin to feel so much negativity that I make myself physically ill.

I just want her to stay the fuck away from me. Why can’t she just leave me and my life alone?

My birth mother is fucking nuts

At some point in time, however, The Lord may prompt a victim to recognize a degree of responsibility for abuse. Your Priesthood leader will help access your responsibility so that, if needed, it can be addressed.

It’s hard not to believe that those who commit rape or torture should be punished with the same crime.

A new Tennessee law states that expectant mothers can be charged with assault if their baby tests positive for meth after being born.

I don’t mind people using whatever drugs they want. It’s their body and not my place to judge.

But if you can’t keep a needle out of your alarm while pregnant, you damn well better put yourself into a treatment facility that will. Using hard drugs while pregnant is disgusting and SHOULD be punishable by law.

A rapist is a rapist is a rapist is a rapist

If you have met me in person and have respect for me or yourself, please stop reading my blog. So much has already been taken from me with this blog. Please just go away. Please. All of you who have met me personally, just stop reading my blog. There isn’t an exception. If you’ve met me, stop.

I wouldn’t read your diary. Just because I once talked openly with you about my blog in the past doesn’t mean it still applies. Please be a decent human being and give me privacy in my one safe place.

Literally there is no exception. If you think I don’t mean you, I do.
If. you. have. met. me. do. not. read. my. blog. If you continue to I’ll take it as a direct slap in the face.