Raise your hand if your birth mother is a cunt. Holla! ✋✋✋

I can’t tell anyone that I miss you because they wouldn’t understand.

I have officially lost 65 pounds, all without the help of an eating disorder. It CAN be done!
I side eye the fuck out of forgiveness sermons.


I’ve heard people tell the victims of rape that they need to forgive their rapists for some reason involving how Jesus would want us to act or for their own souls.

Fuck that shit. People who commit violent crimes like that do not get forgiveness in my book. Do you realize how appalled the Greeks…

Traumatic reactions occur when action is of no avail. When neither resistance nor escape is possible, the human system of self-defense becomes overwhelmed and disorganized. Each component of the ordinary response to danger, having lost its utility, tends to persist in an altered and exaggerated state long after the actual danger is over.


He just said rape is karma. He just justified rape to my face. I want to punch him, but I don’t want to get shit on my hands. I’m glad he said it though. I needed to be more aware of the men around me. I was starting to think I could trust them. They really don’t understand.

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Getting raped is part of being a soldier, guess you ladies need to get use to it.


I don’t care how you meant it, I don’t care which movie you are quoting, I don’t care if it’s something a comedian said:

Rape jokes are not funny.

To Love Another Person is to See the Face of God